Fussey & Baer

Why the name?

Well, when both of your Grandmothers were gifted with such good maiden names, it would be rude not to!

What we do

Fussey & Baer is a Speciality, or what is often described as “Third Wave” Coffee Shop.

Our focus is to serve amazing coffee alongside great tasting food whilst being as environmentally friendly as possible

What is Speciality Coffee?

 Let’s Debunk the Lingo 

 Everyone talks about the “Three Waves of Coffee”.

The first was the invention of instant coffee early in 20th century, allowing coffee to become a staple household product. 

The “Second Wave” began in the 80’s in Seattle when Starbucks stormed onto the scene with the aim of making coffee a “shared social experience”, and thus followed the explosive growth of coffee shops around the world. 

These first two movements transformed our relationship with coffee. But inevitably at the sacrifice of taste and quality to allow for convenience and mass production.

 The “Third Wave” is currently taking the world by storm in the form of speciality coffee, or what is often referred to as “Real Coffee”. In this current wave quality and taste take centre stage, with a greater appreciation and understanding for the farmers and the amount of care they put into processing the beans. 

Check out the “Our Coffee” page to read more about what Speciality Coffee is all about.